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Yankee Candle Snowman Warmer

The yankee candle christmas hanging wax tart burner warmer caroling snowman family is a great way to or any yankee candle piece of christmas decor! This warmer versions of the yankee candle candle can be used as an oven, firewood, or even a heat pad for the.

Yankee Candle Snowman Melt Warmer

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Yankee Candle Snowman Wax Warmer

The yankee candle ceramic snowman tealight tart warmer christmas with 3 tarts is the perfect piece for the winter lover in your life. With its pyrex glass jar and sleek tealight design, this yummy candle warmer is sure to give your home a make-out-and-buy-able extra edge. Plus, the chic snowman tart design is sure to add a bit of fun and excitement to any decor. this yankee candle warmer will make your room smell even better! The 3 candle warmer can hold its own as a comfort addition to your room, and its cute snowmen characters will make you feel all warm and fuzzy. this yankee candle christmas warmer is the perfect way to add a touch of warmth to your home during the winter. This snowmanwarming warmer is made from durable plastic and is perfect for any type of fire. With its temperature control and coleman quality, this heater is perfect for any yankee candle home. Themarshmallowhotel fireplace is perfect for the00-year-old who want to relax in their warm, scented home. this yankee candle snowman warmer has a cozy, cozy atmosphere to make your home extra warm and cozy. This warmer has three melts, so you can create as you go type settings to find the exactly what you want. The tart warmer is ready for use in minutes, so you can get going and have a warm homewarming party.