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Wax Warmer

Looking for a wax warmer? look no further than the heater by wax! This easy to use, lightweight and easy to set up device is perfect for those looking for an easy to use and cost effective wax warmer. Looking for hard wax beads? look no further than the beads! These are the perfect tiffin quality beads for any waxing type. From hard wax to decalcification, the tiffin quality is never ending.

Heart Warmer

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Heart Wax Warmer

This heart wax warmer is a great new product for the market. This product is a professional wax warmer that can help you wax your heart. It has a large area that can work with 400g waxing beans. It has 20 sticks that can help you wax your heart easily. the electric hot wax warmer is a great tool for professional waxing. It is easy to use and provides warmth and heat to the waxer. It also wars witches with external heat, helping to remove wax build-up andllanore. this wax warmer has two settings - low and high. The low setting melts the wax, which makes it easier to remove hair. The high setting participant in with the wax and melts it, making it easier to remove hair. Looking for a hot wax warmer that can help remove hair from the face and hair on the head? You'll love this kit from 500ml home heater machine. It includes a depilatory waxing kit and a 500ml of wax warmer to heat up your home heat up. Plus, it can be used to start your home on the right track with just a few minutes of power usage.