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Ball Cap Ear Warmer Pattern

Our winterwear is perfect for those cold days by the fire or during winter walks around the block. With different furs that can be choice from, our ball cap ear warmer pattern provides a little bit of everything. Whether you’re looking for a just-right furbelow or a bit of stylish spice, our fuchsia and blue are here to help. Plus, the pompom hat gives this outfit a little bit of pizazz.

Ball Cap Ear Warmer Pattern Target

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Ball Cap Ear Warmer Pattern Ebay

This winter warmer is made of wool knitting snow and made to work with the overall look of the hat. The ear warmer is a little larger in size and is made of two balls of wool, add a little pompom, and you have a very winter warm up hat. this ball cap ear warmer pattern is for wear with a winter women's faux fox fur pompom hat. The warmer is made from wool knit snow skis and will heat up with just one breeze. Great for adding a bit of warmth to a cold day. The hat is made with a wool knit ski cap with a warmer look. this ball cap ear warmer pattern is made for the winter season. It is a unique pattern that will make your head warm, from front to back. It is made of wool knit, which will make your head feel even more warm. It is a fun and stylish pattern that will make your head feel warm.